The Stories Behind the Songs

01 Two Worlds

Inspired by the view of the Forth road and rail bridges and Aberdour beach, I decided to make this song a bit more up tempo

02 Kariona Lavania

I had this somewhat strange song in my head one cold November night and, for love nor money, could not get the words to fit the initial song. I thought of everything from Kariona Lasagne, or even Karaoke Latania, and in the end settled for an imaginary name Kariona Lavania

03 In Another World

Looking out of my kitchen window one morning, all I could hear in my head was this beautiful, peaceful melody and the words repeating “In another world, in another world” over and over again. I tried for days to come up with some lyrics, but to no avail. I was even going to get some know-all of a girl who was talking to me on the phone to assist me, when all of a sudden one sunny, bright, Monday afternoon, as if by magic, the words started to flow. I then started recording the song to discover our dear Lyn standing behind me when I was doing the final mix. She was not best pleased as I had the vocal track too quiet and she announced in her inimitable way, “Turn that ***** voice up or I will do it myself – you don’t have to hide your singing, you sound great!”. I took her advice and the result is there for all to hear, and on youtube to see.

04 First Love

I wanted to write what I termed as “a pop song” – you know the sort of thing one would have bought from the conventional music store and put in the paper bag – once you get it home you would place the record onto your record player and hear it flopping down onto the turntable, then at the end the arm would return once more.

05 New Beginnings

I was working out the parts of this song but had no lyrics. Meanwhile in the living room I could hear Lyn’s daughter Kelly and her friend Terry who were allegedly doing their homework, but were more interested in what I was up to. I caught them out having a sneak preview of the backing. “HEY YOU 2!” I announced laughing “GET ON WITH YOUR HOMEWORK!”. The 2 girls inspired me to write the title for the song.

06 Nothing To Lose

Among some of my favourite bands and artists is Huey Lewis and the News. I had this idea of attempting to write something in their style.

07 Never Let Go

A romantic ballad. Many persons will be able to relate to this type of song and dedicate it to that special someone they love and cherish.

08 I’ll Find Her

Based on my experience when going through my divorce.

09 Looking For Reasons

In the hope I could give confidence and comfort to others who find themselves in a state of distress and sadness.

10 Close Your Eyes

She was only 14 when I wrote this song. While standing outside Kelly’s bedroom, who had to get up for school the next morning, I found myself becoming curious as to what thoughts were in her head when closing her eyes to go to sleep. The song tells the story of this girl who is so very dear to me.

11 Baby Googoo

A nonsense song about an imaginary character. One of those ditties that you will find yourself going around impersonating.

12 Time and Place

What can I say? Everybody loves it. There is much speculation as to what this beautiful ballad is all about, the truth is I could hear the song in my head as I was going off to sleep, and luckily when I awoke it was still there. Many people feel that they can relate to this track and the meaning behind it. I did try on several occasions to find girl vocalists to cover the tune for me, but decided in the end the only person that could do “Time and Place” any justice is myself.